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We have developed unique training program for organizations, schools and individuals on different subjects ranging from “handling cultural shock” “Understanding culture shock”, “Recruiting and understanding international students”, “Culture without border (designed to provide an employee with global business and leadership skills)” Personalized programs are developed to assist with the transition to a new culture and new assignment. Our Professional Intercultural Trainer/consultant and Country Specialists provide in-depth information on culture specific issues, business practices, academic standards and communication skills.

We offer various training programs ranging from half day to two months in length. We also design personalized study to address specific socio-cultural concerns in an organization or city. This program is especially important for many cities and provinces as they become increasingly multicultural. There is need for extensive training on changing role of international student advisers and directors.

Our commitment is to provide:

  • Assist with multinational, professional staff members who understand expatriates' needs.
  • Develop personalized and customized orientation/training programs.
  • Utilize well researched and proven resources to assist with all individual and company’s needs.
  • Always work within a set budget to provide required cost effective training for organizations.
  • Response time to requests for information and training is within 24 -72 hours.

Culture Connect Int’l Ltd offers face to face international management skills training, cross cultural training, diversity and change management, cross cultural business briefings, language training, cross cultural profiling and a range of cross cultural publications to businesses and organizations throughout the world.
We also organize training and conferences for international student advisers/directors. The training is crucial for effective understanding of the need of international students (especially in Canada).

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