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“-- Doing your homework before you travel to your destination can go a long way toward avoiding cultural blunders and clearing the language barrier, making for a more enjoyable visit (CNN march 11, 2005)”.

Moving from one place to another is an essential part of life. Making the decision to accept a new job and relocate has become increasingly difficult. That is because relocation is more than just moving boxes. Professionally, it can be rewarding as an employee begins the challenge of a career move. But, for the family, it can be confusing, emotional and highly stressful.

It is a complicated process to pull up stakes and transfer to a strange town. That is why families, such as yours, are turning to a unique resource for experienced assistance. Culture Connect Int’l Limited provides guidance that reduces relocation stress and helps ensure the success of a move.

Difficulties and concerns associated with move is not only a concern of the employee. The move can become huge challenge to the employer and if not handled properly and could affect overall productivity. We recognize there is an element of inconvenience associated with relocation; Culture Connect Int’l Ltd makes this transition smooth for all employees. CCI provides the required profession advice on the new location and the associated benefits. Our extensive research ability often makes us distinct in this area.

Culture Connect Int’l Ltd helps employees (New and returning) and their families relocating to Canada from other countries. The employee and family are provided information and tools to help them make a successful relocation/reintegration into Canadian society. The assistance provided include airport pick up,shopping trips and tips, dealing with culture shock, and understanding city logistics.

As a newcomer, you will learn about your new home through an in-depth, tour of the metropolitan area, historical sites, schools, religious houses, recreational facilities, subdivisions and available housing. You will be able to address preliminary concerns and receive guidance from us as you begin to make decisions about your move.

Culture Connect int’l Ltd stays with you throughout the relocation process and long afterward to answer any questions and provide additional services. We handle research, information-gathering, scheduling and assistance in handling important details of your move before your arrival. We not only provide an important "connection" to out-of-towners, but peace-of-mind during a confusing, stressful transition.

Our services cover guidance in seeking temporary housing or an appropriate apartment home for renters. For those who want to buy a home soon after arrival, we link you with reliable real estate agent who will help you identify compatible neighborhood, and best values. We provide guidance in locating shopping, transportation, recreation, social and cultural activities - all the important details that turn a strange city into one's hometown.

As you adapt to your new environment, numerous questions will arise. Culture Connect Int’l Ltd. considers this to be an important phase in the transition process. That's why we take pride in being accessible from start to finish. During the weeks following your initial move we'll be available to you, either by phone or in person, to help get the answers you need.
Whether you are moving as a student, employee or returning resident – Culture Connect is the key. Our goal is to reduce the stress of relocation through a service-oriented approach. Contact us today to find out how we might be able to help you or your organization through the process of relocation.

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