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{ Regina Time: Thursday 22nd February 2024 }

Canada needs skilled workers and students. Several employers have posted jobs for months and are not getting the required responses. There appears to be huge structural unemployment in Canada. Canadians are not able to fill these positions because of several factors including lack of required skills. There is therefore need to look beyond the border of this country. Recruiting foreign workers tend to be a complex process for many employers. Some employers have questions that remain unanswered about this process. Others are not aware that they can recruit/hire qualified personnel outside Canada.

Culture Connect Int’l Ltd has the experience to help employer recruit qualified foreign workers. CCI works with different groups to be able to post their jobs vacancies through different channels. We help connect the employer and the employee. We facilitate interview process and also help employee through out the transition process. This process includes resume collection and drafting, interviewing, submission of required documents and immigration representation. We also provide additional information to employers and employee on applicable laws of the different countries.

Many institutions have enrollment department but are constantly faced with the challenge of declining enrollment and recruiting foreign students. These schools have websites, and sometimes pay heavily to hire enrollment consultant/coordinator. Not only do we publicize this school through several channels, CCI travel to different countries and promote the institutions. Our cost are also reasonable. We also help the school and the potential students through the admission and registration process. Guiding and representing the student through the immigration process is also an essential commitment to the potential student.

Our network of agents facilitate the process of recruiting foreign students and workers. We also work with different provinces under the different provincial immigration nominee program.


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