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Olukayode (Kay) Adebogun is one of the Directors and a  Senior immigration Consultant with Culture Connect Int’l Ltd (immigration Consultant). He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) with many years of experience. He holds two Canadian master’s degrees. He immigrated to Canada with his wife and children as economic immigrant (skilled worker). As an immigrant he understands how and what it means for a foreigner to immigrate to Canada as temporary and permanent resident. He understands the reason, pain, stress, dream, expectation and excitement associated with seeking to visit, study, work, reunite with family and immigrate to Canada. Kay is a member in good standing of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Kay has extensive travel experience. He has traveled to UK (London, Manchester, Lichfield) Germany, USA, Kenya, Rwanda, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Israel, UAE, Togo, South Africa, Republic of Benin and Canada He travels regularly to different countries to hold seminars on immigration to Canada. He brings to CCI  several years of experience in international relations, communications, travel, training and community service. As experienced immigration consultant, Kay has developed expertise in most of the immigration classes and cases. He is a choice of many immigrants. He defends every case with passion and commitment. Kay has reading knowledge of five languages including English and French.

He personally assesses the qualifications of all the clients and keeps regular contact with all clients.
You may contact him directly at:

Senior Immigration Consultant

Olukayode (Kay) Adebogun

Director at USA-Canada Border

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