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"Even learning what the greeting is in the language of the culture you're in is already a good start," said David Solomons, CEO of Culture Shock!Consulting

In today's global workplace, business is constantly changing, schools are recruiting international students and the society is becoming multicultural in nature. Companies acquire, merge or partner with other firms to promote business internationally. The workforce has become increasingly diverse, employees are expected to relocate - often to destinations halfway around the world. Cross-cultural training and orientation is imperative in our global environment.

Important issues include dealing with an unfamiliar language, the lack of cultural awareness, limited knowledge of new business protocol, and the complexities of finding suitable housing. Cross cultural & intercultural training, highly personalized relocation / destination services are among the programs available for your expatriate population as well as those in the process of repatriation. An employee's or student ability to be productive or succeed in a new environment depends on the level of cultural orientation received within the first weeks before and after arrival.

We provide local and international cross cultural consulting services to individuals, firms, government agency, and executive. We provide detailed and proven results to all our clients. Through training, research and consultations we also provide valuable background information for company executive meeting with international colleague at home or abroad. Our goal is to make the executive become comfortable, well prepared and effective in building relationships with international partners. This understanding is valuable for the international or domestic business success or investment.

People change when they live overseas as they develop a global mindset with new ideas, beliefs, views, and expectations. Reverse or Re-entry culture shock is a common phenomenon that takes the repatriate by surprise, impacting various parts of their life, including the workplace and family dynamics. While the expatriate has been away, their "home" has changed and evolved. In addition, the expatriate has gained a new perspective on their home and culture.

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