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Culture Connect International Ltd (CCI) is a registered and incorporated business in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is an immigration and socio cultural consultancy group in Regina. It was formed March 26, 2000. Culture Connect International Ltd is a subsidiary of KATUN Ventures (an organization formed April 01, 1992). Culture Connect international was formed out of need to help/assist people who would like to immigrate, work, study and relocate to Canada. Since its formation, CCI has operated with different interest groups and organizations. CCI operated with its subsidiary as non profit organization and later translated into a fully incorporated business organization to better serve people all over the world. CCI is currently incorporated in Canada and Nigeria.


We Connect The World

“The globe” (represents the entire world). This signifies the scope of CCI. Our services cover the entire world (To represent people who want to come to Canada).

“Two hands across the globe”. Two hands, black and white represent the general classifications of people in the world. Our job is to connect the two hands in peace through immigration. Through immigration black and white can live in peace.

You may click on the following link to know about our Core Values &Policy, Motto/Slogan, Fees, vision & mission, operations & services.

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